NSBS, the Bulgarian Association for Freight Forwarding, Transport and Logistics was founded in 1992. The Association incorporates the best branch specialists. These companies perform some 2/3 of the international forwarding services in Bulgaria. They realize approximately above half of the sales revenue and 83% of gross profit reported for the domestic forwarding industry.

In 2012 NSBS celebrated its 20th anniversary

For this period NSBS grew as a socially responsible organization whose main goal is the sustainable development of the freight forwarding sector. This led to the acceptance of new priorities and strategies for future development.

NSBS long-term priorities:

  • Sustainable development of the freight forwarding sector
  • Purposeful efforts for promoting the sector among young people, increase of its attractiveness in order to ensure personnel resources in the future
  • Increase of the social responsibility in order to achieve transport in accordance with ecological requirements, judicious internalization of the external expenditure of all kinds of transport in order to stimulate the intermodality and to develop sustainable transport system.

More important achievements in 20-year history of the Association for the benefit of its members and the Bulgarian freight forwarding sector:

  • In 1996 NSBS prepared and imposed among its members “Standard Trading & Warehousing Conditions”, which impose high professional standards for the forwarding and logistic services they offer.
  • In cooperation with renowned international and Bulgarian insurers, NSBS has developed and introduced an insurance policy, which covers the liability of the Forwarder under its “Standard Trading & Warehousing Conditions”. As of April 1998, this liability insurance is mandatory for all Forwarders – members of NSBS.
  • NSBS members are the only Bulgarian forwarders officially authorized to issue the FIATA documents universally accepted in the international trade – the Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading (FIATA FBL), the FIATA Forwarder’s Certificate of Receipt (FIATA FCR), the FIATA Warehouse Receipt, etc.
  •  In 2000 NSBS cooperated with its members on introducing ISO 9000 standards. Now over 70% of NSBS members work under ISO9001:2008 standards.
  • In 1996 NSBS developed for the first time in Bulgaria Manual and Programme for professional preparation of freight forwarders. NSBS has developed and since 2000 manages a comprehensive system for the vocational training conforming to the standards of FIATA, an internationally recognized diploma for professional competence in freight forwarding industry.
  •  Vocational training centre – NSBS is  accredited with licence on national and international level to hold specialized courses in freight forwarding and logistics.
  • In 2012 NSBS built up own platform and introduced distance training in 13 specialized programmes.
  • In 2013 NSBS established a Court of Arbitration specialized for settlement of transport and freight forwarding law disputes. The most important advantage is the expert opinion in transport law which can be guaranteed by the Transport Court of Arbitration.
  • In 2015 NSBS created an E-manual in freight forwarding in accordance with the standards of FIATA.
  • In 2015 NSBS established employment and training market in order to support the Trainee programme and to increase the attractiveness of the freight forwarding profession among young people.
  • By order of 11.12.2015, the profession “Freight forwarder-logistic” was included in the list of professions for professional education and training.
  • In 2016 experts from NSBS and NAVET developed state educational standards for the profession “Freight forwarder-logistic” and Vocational Training Centre – NSBS was licensed for profession “Freight forwarder-logistic” and profession  ”Courier “.

Achievements in the international activity:

  •     Since 1994 NSBS has represented Bulgaria in the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations FIATA.  Representatives of NSBS participate in FIATA’s bodies and thereby – in the activities of the European Conference of Ministers of Transport ECMT, the European Commission, the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations ECE-UN, the International Chamber of Commerce ICC, as well as in a number of international organizations in the transport field, such as IRU, UIC, IATA, IMO, etc.
  •   Since 2000 NSBS has been acting as a Secretariat of the Consultative Committee of the South East European Freight Forwarders Associations
  •     As of 2003 NSBS is a member of CLECAT (European Association for forwarding, transport, logistics and customs services) and thereby has a voice in the transport decisions of the European Commission.
  • A members of the NSBS  Board of Directors is Senior Vice President of FIATA, Chairman of the Regional Institute Europe and Chairman of Working Group Rail of FIATA, Secretary General of CLECAT as well as Chair of Rail Institute within the same organization, Chairman of the Joint Working Group UIC/FIATA with participation of the members of the Railway Undertakings and Logistics companies.

Participation in projects and programs financed by the European Commission:

  • CA FORWARDERS NET- project for support of the freight forwarding industry in Central Asian countries – Project manager
  • ISOTRACK FP7 – national coordinator
  • SURFACE NET FP7 – national coordinator