NSBS the Bulgarian Association for Freight Forwarding, Transport and Logistics was founded in 1992 to pursue the following principal goals:

1. Represent the Bulgarian freight forwarding industry, protect and promote its interests in
Bulgaria and abroad;
2. Develop and improve the legislative basis of the freight forwarding business in Bulgaria
3. Enhance the image and the professional standards of the forwarding industry by:

  • establishing criteria for access to the Forwarding profession;
  • setting down standards for the quality of services performed by the Forwarding companies – members of NSBS;
  • adopting and monitoring a Code of Business Ethics for its member companies;
  • conducting vocational training of freight forwarding personnel.


The Association encompasses the best representatives of the Bulgarian freight forwarding and logistics industry. Therefore by employing our member companies the Shippers may rest assured that they will receive:

  • Professional competence and high quality of the forwarding and logistic services;
  • Financial stability and high business ethics;
  • Fair and precise terms of the forwarding contract in line with the “Standard Trading Conditions”, which govern the obligations and the liability of the Forwarder towards his Customer;
  • Protection of the Customer’s interests and compensation of eventual claims and losses incurred in the transportation, handling and storage of the goods, which is guarantеed by the mandatory Forwarder’s Liability Insurance concluded by our members in favor of their Customers.The main goal of NSBS for the years ahead is to contribute to the development and implementation of the national logistics strategy of Bulgaria and to serve adequately the economic integration of our country into the European Union.