FIATA 2024 HQ meeting held in Geneva

In the period from 23 to 26 April, the annual meeting of FIATA Headquarters was held in Geneva, Switzerland, where NSBS was represented by Mr. Ivan Petrov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of NSBS and Immediate Past President of FIATA, and by the Director of the Association, Prof. Dr. Momchil Antov. The event is a good opportunity for FIATA and its members to work together with other stakeholders in the supply chain on solutions to the current challenges facing the industry and to share best practices in the respective areas.


The meeting opened with a special conversation between Dr Stefan Graber, Director General of FIATA, and Mr Willie Walsh, Director General of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). In line with the theme "Uniting for Sustainability", they highlighted the importance of building on the common interests between freight forwarders and airlines, emphasising the need for collaboration and digitalisation.

During the meeting, FIATA welcomed the Future International Trade (FIT) Alliance, discussed the need for standardisation and issued a call to action for the shipping community to act as a catalyst to drive digitisation across the global supply chain industry. deliveries.

The session also highlighted the importance of the Key Trade Documents and Data Elements (KTDDE) report, published on 24 April 2024, which complements efforts towards standardised digitisation. FIATA is a major participant in the KTDDE project of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Digital Standards Initiative to promote interoperability.

In the following days, in-depth discussions were held on various topics such as
- The challenges of data quality in relation to dangerous goods;
- The need for fairer contractual/business practices in the maritime supply chain;
- The importance of sustainability issues for the logistics sector;
- Identification of new technologies affecting customs processes and how FIATA can support its members;
- The economic revolution driven by Artificial Intelligence;
- Attracting and training young talent in logistics, etc.