Standard Trading Conditions



Warning: ©Standard Trading Conditions are intellectual product of the Bulgarian National Forwarders Association and object of copyright in accordance with the term of the Art. 3 of the Bulgarian Copyright Act.

In compliance with Art. 18 of the Bulgarian Copyright Act the right to use these Standard Trading Conditions belongs exclusively to the members of the Bulgarian National Forwarders Association, NSBS. Therefore we recommend you to make sure that the freight forwarding or logistics company, which declares to work under these STC is listed as NSBS member.

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Standard Trading Conditions                                 Standard Warehouse Conditions

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The right to use these STANDARD TRADING CONDITIONS is reserved exclusively to the Freight Forwarders - members of the BULGARIAN NATIONAL FORWARDERS ASSOCIATION (NSBS), holding a valid Certificate of membership, whose liability towards the Customers under these STANDARD TRADING CONDITIONS is insured.